COVID-19: updates

Thursday 04 June 2020

COVID-19: updates

Thursday 04 June 2020

Update 17/04/2020: A few weeks back we have had to collectively shut down because of COVID-19. Meanwhile we have not been idle, on the contrary. Behind the scenes hard work has been done to prepare our facilities for production according to the recent regulations. Our internal taskforce COVITA has designed a scenario that has been implemented per department. This week the action plan has been live tested and adjusted where necessary. We are confident we can gradually start up production as planned as of April 20.

However, as long as the principle of “social distancing” is applicable we will be limited in our production capabilities. Certain workstations cannot be released or will operate with reduced capacity because of this. Also, the availability of colleagues with a working disability is limited because a lot of them belong to the risk group on the one hand, and on the other bus transport is not yet possible. We are looking into all options in order to provide for a solution as soon as possible.

We do intend to gradually increase the capacity in the next few weeks, but remain vigilant with respect to the safety and health of our co workers.

Update 14/04/2020: This week, all of our units will organise a try-out based on the new Corona-guidelines. From Monday, 20 April, we will continue with a gradual start-up. Everything will be done in phases

Update 25/03/2020: Extended closure until April 20th.

Update 21/03/2020: WAAK is closed until April 3rd, and most likely until April 20th.

Update 20/03/2020: As WAAK is tightly interwoven with the social and economic fabric of the region and far beyond, the decision has been made to implement a complete closure, effective immediately. Our aim is to exclude all risks of further propagation of the virus due to our business activities. Naturally we realise this decision has far-reaching consequences but public safety and the health of our employees must come first. We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and will inform everyone in a timely manner of when we can start business again.

Update 19/03/2020: The safety and health of our employees is our number one priority. Based on this concern and taking into account the stricter government regulations we have suspended a number of key activities over the past few days.


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