Contact: Elke Ulenaers T +32 56 36 23 95 E
Visiting address: Vijverhoek 21 B-8520 Kuurne

Apart from gardening, we offer quite a number of services for the maintenance of buildings and areas.

A selection from our activities

  • Cleaning services on a temporary or permanent basis: offices, refectories, corridors, hallways, stairways, sanitary facilities and windows
  • Cleaning up of litter for municipalities or organizations after events, (neighbourhood) parties, markets, sports events
  • Removing of light construction material and construction waste after the raw construction
  • Cleaning of newly built houses before delivery (vacuum cleaning, floor washing, washing windows, etc.)
  • Cleaning of houses after vacant periods
  • Demolition of constructions

Of course this is all possible in combination with the construction and/or the maintenance of green spaces on the plots or in the gardens.

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