Contact: Steven Maes T +32 479 40 97 46 E
Visiting address: Vijverhoek 21 B-8520 Kuurne

You can see our teams at work mainly in:

  • Public areas (e.g. recreational areas, residential neighbourhoods, cemeteries)
  • Companies and industrial areas, shopping centres and exposition centres
  • Parks and gardens
  • Schools, playgrounds and sports grounds

Ask for the benefits of our gardening contracts. We have a specific licence for the use of pesticides.

A selection from our activities:

  • Mowing of grass, trimming of hedges hedges, chopping
  • Felling, topping or pruning of trees and bushes, sawing and cleaving of trunks
  • Removal of old planting and constructions
  • Ecological gardening and weed control (without pesticides): brushing, burning, and hoeing, weed control, etc.
  • Removal of hogweed, exotic species control
  • Winter and spring pruning
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