Services and sectors

We do not have a limited list of tasks. The work just needs to be sufficiently repetitive. We analyse the work to be performed and split it up in sub tasks, so our workers with limited abilities can execute the assignments without any problem.

Short of staff for a while? Seasonal work? Urgent orders? Thanks to our flexibility and our large number of available workers we are able to react at short notice. We also deploy our inHouse teams on a daily basis in the production process of our customers, all year round. An inHouse contract can have a temporary or continuous character, but is linked up with a certain frequency per week.

Our customers, both large firms as well as small & medium sized companies are active in the metal, furniture and food industries, wholesale and retail, recycling and textile sectors. The tasks are quite diverse, ranging from order picking, sorting and packaging, loading and unloading, assembly and electrical installation to tasks in the production line. Our inHouse service is therefore suitable for each and every customer.

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