Metal sheet processing

WAAK features all facilities for machining steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheets. We provide for the materials or you can do so as you wish.


Range: 3000x1500 mm Length: up to 3000 mm
Power: 4 kW Power: 80 tonnes
Thickness: up to 20 mm steel, 12 mm stainless Thickness: up to 6 mm in function of length
steel and 8 mm aluminium
Loading warehouse: fully automatic, 10 pallets


Range: 3000x1500 mm Range: 1000x1000 mm
Power: 22 tonnes Stroke: up to 200 mm
Thickness: from 0.5 to 4 mm Power: eccentric presses up to 150 tonnes
Hydraulic presses up to 180 tonnes
Deep drawing presses up to 120 tonnes

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