Fruy Catering: Rare species of tomatoes

Tomatoes come in all shapes, scents, colors and tastes. The culinary vegetable is also the big passion of Xavier Fruy, manager of Fruy Catering in Heule. Together with WAAK he grows scrumptious biological tomatoes as well as other vegetables for his dishes in the greenhouses of WAAK Plant Nursery.

Fruy Catering brings the style and quality of fine dining to more than 500 events per year. Fresh top-quality products are essential and that is why next month Fruy will be sowing a new crop in the WAAK Plant Nursery. Around 40 types of courgettes, tomatoes and peppers will take up a growing surface of 120m2 in WAAK’s tunnel greenhouses. For 5 months the WAAK staff will grow and harvest these vegetables. The use of pesticides is out of the question.

Golden Chick, Green Zebra, Kiekenvilla, Tigerella and Purple Perfect are just a few of the many species that will be grown in the WAAK Plant Nursery. From June through mid-October you’ll be able to sample the fresh crop at all Fruy Catering events.

What our customer says

“WAAK and Fruy Catering are practically neighbours and we share the same sustainable values. I thought it would be nice to team up and deliver absolute freshness and quality together. I’m absolutely crazy about tomatoes. They come in all kinds of shapes, scents, colours, tastes and acidities, they taste delicious and are easy to grow.”

Xavier Fruy
Zaakvoerder, Fruy Catering
Zaakvoerder, Fruy Catering
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