ERGO telescopic handle

WAAK - ERGO telescopic handle

ERGO telescopic handle

The ERGO telescopic handle was developed with a view to optimum ergonomics. Depending on the individual wishes of the user, the length can be adjusted while mopping.

The rotational properties of the curved ergo grip contribute to ergonomic use. The aluminium alloy and the nature of the production process ensure excellent rigidity. Combined with the lightweight design this makes the ERGO telescopic handle convenient to use.

WAAK - ERGO telescopic handle


  • Adjustable in length and lockable thanks to the integrated SMARTLOCK system. A quarter turn is enough to lock and release the system.
  • Powdercoating (optional): improves the insulating factor as well as the grip. The structured surface avoids visible fingerprints.
  • The universal connection makes the handle compatible with most accessories.
  • Available in both a two- and three-piece telescopic version, allowing for super compact storage in a trolley, for instance.
  • Easy to store with our All Fix®.
  • Private label options available such as labels, printed logos and even customised colours.  

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