About WAAK

Provide our customer with tailor-made solutions through the creation of adapted jobs for our employees with working disabilities. That's what it is all about.
The social enterprise WAAK has been creating sustainable and adapted employment with opportunities for self-development for people with working disabilities for 50 years now. Those 1800 sustainable jobs create actual added value for small and large companies at home and abroad.

We take care of professionalism, delivery reliability, correct pricing, quality and flexibility.
Thanks to the present knowhow of products and processes, WAAK is able and willing to establish a constructive and proactive partnership with its customers. In doing so, WAAK is both customer-oriented, results-driven and focuses on continuous improvement.
Sustainability, integrity, ethical and social code of conduct are very important in WAAK. They are a part of our mission statement, vision and values. The Triple Bottom Line is 'living' every day in every decision or dilemma. Click here for more information.

The foundations and values of the organisation are Responsibility, Integrity, Honesty and Respect. In combination with proud enthusiasm, those values offer the best ingredients for people-oriented entrepreneurship.

Tim Vannieuwenhuyse
General Manager Group WAAK

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