What are the benefits of working with a social enterprise like WAAK?

23 February 2023
WAAK - maatwerkbedrijf

Why should you partner up with a social enterprise? What are the benefits of working with a company like WAAK? One of the main reasons is that social enterprises add great social value. Companies that cite this are often very aware of their corporate social responsibility. Another reason why is that social enterprises are able to deliver large volumes at the highest possible quality. Below we list the 5 most common reasons why companies like to outsource their manufacturing processes and production to social enterprises.

Top quality and reliability

Every day the in-house experts at WAAK ponder the question ‘how can we make the work easier for our people with a working disability’. They achieve this by focusing on technology, digitalisation and automation. A firm commitment in this regard also brings an additional benefit: it enables us to consistently meet the highest quality standards that govern many sectors ('zero defect standard' in HVAC market, for example). The many control systems we have incorporated into our processes also contribute to this. Customers who decide to work with WAAK know they are teaming up with a reliable partner. A fine example are the smart gas and electricity meters we assemble for Belgian grid operator Fluvius. WAAK camera controlesysteem

Large volumes

When we throw our weight behind a specific project it is essential that the work can be broken down into smaller and relatively simple subtasks. For our people it is necessary that the work can be standardised. On the other hand, with our 2,100 employees (1,800 people with a working disability and 300 support staff), we can handle very large volumes and tight deadlines without compromising in the slightest on quality.

Outsource production from A to Z

As a company you can outsource your production to WAAK from A to Z. This way we aim to offer our customers a total package. Not only is this convenient but for companies who take us up on this offer we also go the extra mile. Since we have to break down the work into subtasks we examine the entire production process in detail. Our engineering department makes sure that all subprocesses are perfectly geared to each other. As a result, the entire process is fine-tuned even further and attains even higher quality standards than before.WAAK assemblage fiets

Vertical integration, time savings and logistical advantages

Social enterprises often have a strong local anchoring and build local partnerships, resulting in logistical advantages. This is also the case with WAAK. Our site assembles 4 departments under a single roof: cable assembly, metal assembly, packaging work and plastic assembly. This vertical integration offers a host of benefits for customers who wish to outsource their entire production process. For instance, for charging station manufacturer Smappee we take care of both the electric wiring and the metal assembly (EV charging enclosures). Not only does this generate huge time savings, it also keeps the red tape and the number of contacts to a minimum.WAAK laadpaal

Contribution to society: social and sustainable

Last but definitely not least, entering into a partnership with a social enterprise also means investing in society. You are creating employment for people for whom it would be all but impossible to find employment on the regular job market. However, companies that team up with WAAK are not only making a social contribution but also a sustainable one. WAAK focuses primarily on sustainable and circular activities that benefit the environment. In the performance of our activities we also strive to be CO2 neutral and to act in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. A company like Belintra, which manufactures logistical solutions for the care and hospital industry, likes to boast about their close collaboration with a social enterprise: it boosts their credibility and benefits their reputation.

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