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WAAK Metal Assembly completes its machine park with a LVD Strippit PX punch press

10 June 2024
Ponslijn in de Metaalassemblage afdeling van WAAK

WAAK Metal Assembly specialises in manual assembly and offers its customers extensive metalworking techniques, such as laser cutting, welding, and powder coating. As such, customers can outsource their entire production work to WAAK. WAAK offers its customers a convenient total solution and has recently added a fully automatic LVD Strippit PX punch press to its already extensive machine park.

The employees of WAAK Metal Assembly specialise in manual assembly, and master all common metalworking techniques, ranging from laser cutting, bending, sawing, pressing and welding to powder coating. All techniques can be found under the same roof, thus allowing customers to outsource a part of or their entire production work.

Ponslijn LVD PX Strippit

Confidence in the expertise of WAAK Metal Assembly

Customers rely on WAAK's expertise, such as Belintra, whose medication trolleys are processed at WAAK. Smappee, one of Belgium’s leading companies in the EV charging station market, also counts on WAAK’s employees to manufacture their devices. Finally, Metal Technics relies on WAAK for the assembly and construction of their cold-storage vehicles, which are produced for the Colruyt Group.

Machineoperator LVD ponsmachine WAAK Metaalassemblage

LVD Strippit PX punch press

To serve customers even better, WAAK Metal Assembly invested in a state-of-the-art LVD Strippit PX punch press. The fully automatic machine can punch materials with a size ranging from 1250 x 2500 mm to 1525 x 3050 mm. To this end, the punching machine uses a punching force up to 20 tons (200 kN).

PX Strippit Ponslijn LVD

More than punching: versatile punching machine

In addition to punching, the machine can also tap and shape materials up to 75 mm thickness, thus making it enormously versatile. Depending on the thickness of the material, the machine achieves speeds between 505 (25 mm) and 910 strokes (1 mm) per minute, at a high accuracy (up to 0.1 mm accurate).

Ponslijn WAAK Metaalassemblage

WAAK Metal Assembly: Total solution provider

As a total solution provider that offers its services to other companies, we are convinced that this state-of-the-art punching line adds value for our customers and will generate new projects. With the addition of the LVD punching press, we now have a complete and modern machine park. Especially when combined with our other specialisation, manual assembly, this enables us to offer customers a total package of metalworking techniques. Whatever technique(s) customers are looking for, they will find it at WAAK Metal Assembly!

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