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WAAK at European Social Economy Meeting

12 February 2024
WAAK en Tim Vannieuwenhuyse op Europese Meeting Sociale Economie

Our Managing Director, Tim Vannieuwenhuyse, had the honour of serving as a keynote speaker at the European Social Economy Meeting held in the city of Liège. In his speech, Tim Vannieuwenhuyse spoke about the importance of the social economy in a future-proof Europe. The social economy deserves to be a central part of the (regular) economy. In this context, Belgium plays a leading role. We are therefore incredibly proud that WAAK is the ‘spokesperson’ in this matter. 

Social enterprises, like WAAK, go a lot further than regular companies

The impact of social enterprises extends far beyond the creation of jobs for people who have difficulties accessing the regular labour market. At WAAK, we are dedicated to nurturing and developing the talents of our workers. We empower them, we help them grow as a person, and we help them reach their full potential. In this way, we go a lot further than regular companies. 

WAAK op Europese Meeting Sociale Economie

Discover the benefits of working with a social enterprise

Social economy is deeply connected to regular economy

Yet, like regular companies, we operate within and are subject to the regular economy, because, in order to survive, social enterprises also have to create economic added value. In this way, on the one hand, social enterprises distinguish themselves from the regular economy, but on the other hand, they are also closely connected to it. As our Managing Director puts it: “The significance and value of social enterprises is not determined by their social aspect, but by the added value created by and for the regular economy”. And exactly this is the reason why social economies are a big part and play such an important role in the economy. 

WAAK op Europese meeting sociale economie

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