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Manual battery pack assembly: Quality first

29 January 2024
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WAAK specialises in manual assembly jobs. We assemble charging stations and alarm systems and we have recently also added battery pack assembly to our services, for which we set up a dedicated assembly line. We integrate our quality control systems to ensure that the final product fully meets the client's quality requirements.

Ubiquitous: battery packs or modules

Battery packs or modules are ubiquitous and are now used in all sorts of applications that require large amounts of electrical energy: hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs), solar energy storage at home and in businesses, emergency power supplies and power stations, and medical equipment.

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WAAK, specialises in manual assembly

WAAK specialises in manual mounting work. We assemble alarm systems and EV charging stations, for example, by fitting the electrical and mechanical components inside the housing. Our services now also include battery pack assembly, for which we have recently set up an assembly line.

Product design and assembly process under the spotlight

When we put our back into a project, we like to be involved right from the start. This means our co-engineering teams work closely with our clients to take a close look at the product design. Sometimes a simple change to the concept can avoid certain quality risks. After that, we analyse the manufacturing or assembly process. We do this to make the work more manageable for our employees, who tend to be most comfortable with well-defined tasks. At the same time, our engineers make sure that the assembly steps are all perfectly aligned for a high-quality end result.

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Added value thanks to quality assurance

Our strict quality assurance is one of the main reasons why our clients choose WAAK. Clients want to get a final product that meets all their requirements. During assembly, we complement our process assurance with statistical process control (SPC) where appropriate. We then perform specific battery measurements in a final test. We evaluate, document and report the results to the client, who can then use this information to further improve the batteries' quality.

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Key role manual assembly

Our refurbishment of toll on-board units (OBUs) for the company Satellic is another great project in which our manual assembly and thorough quality control played a key role. We repair and refurbish the devices ourselves, take care of the plugs and test the batteries for reuse. Read more about the OBU refurbishment project.

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