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Added value, a package deal at WAAK Packing

25 January 2024
WAAK Decathlon

WAAK specialises in packaging food and non-food products. In the packing industry, we stand out from competitors, thanks to our competitive pricing and the excellent technical skills of our employees, who master all common packing techniques. The icing on the cake for them is our strict quality control and extensive service offering. The combination of these aspects wins over major clients like Decathlon and keeps them on board.

Offering added value to our customers

WAAK Packing specialises in packing both food and non-food products. Similar to our Plastic Assembly work, we distinguish ourselves by providing added value to our customers. We achieve this through thorough quality control, the excellent technical packings skills of our employees, and an extensive service. The combination of these three aspects makes the difference for clients like Decathlon, with whom we have been collaborating for over 5 years.

WAAK, a one-stop-packaging shop

Decathlon, the well-known international sports retail chain, is one of our biggest clients. We pack multiple products for them, and as these products vary significantly, our employees need to be proficient in various packing techniques, for which they get specialised training. For a client like Decathlon, who entrusts us with multiple packing assignments, this is advantageous, because at WAAK they find everything they need under the same roof. WAAK is essentially a 'one-stop-packaging shop'.

Quality: Making an error-prone process error-free

For clients with extensive packaging assignments, quality is crucial. A good example are the archery targets we package for Decathlon. At first glance, this may seem a relatively simple task. However, there’s more than meets the eye…

For the client each package should contain exactly 5 archery targets, no more and no less. It is evident that in such a process, errors can easily occur due to miscounting, distraction, two or more targets that stick together, etc. To eliminate such errors, a control weighing takes place at the end of the packaging process. The weighing software determines whether the package contains the exact number of archery targets or not. The software also indicates the number of missing or excess targets. With this information, the employees can make the necessary adjustments. By integration quality control systems into the production flow, we ensure that the end product meets the customer’s requirements.

WAAK site industrielaan

Service, the icing on the cake

For customers with extensive packing assignments (but who are limited due to the lack of production space or the number of employees), it may be interesting to outsource their production work to WAAK Packing. Our services go beyond the packaging of products. When we engage with a client, our co-engineering team, responsible for setting up the packing line, also analyses the bigger picture, i.e. the whole production process. If they see opportunities to make the process more efficient and better, they will propose to make the necessary adjustments.

Our engineers also support the client in the product concept phase. In the example of the archery targets, Decathlon wanted the packaging to be ecological and 100% recyclable. So, we’ve developed a packaging together that met these requirements. This is a beautiful example of the extended services that we offer our clients. In Decathlon's case, we go even further. We act as a logistical hub where we receive and inspect incoming goods directly, we source components if needed, and we work directly into their ERP-system. Decathlon wants to work with suppliers they can rely on. That’s why they choose to work with WAAK. We unburden them with our highly convenient total service.

WAAK Decathlon

Decathlon: Focus on sustainability and social engagement

For Decathlon sustainability, carbon footprint and social engagement are very important matters. They decidedly want to work with partners who share similar values. This is why they strictly monitor this and subject their suppliers and subcontractors to in-depth company audits. As one of Flanders’ 28 SDG Champions and one of the biggest players in social economy, we largely meet these criteria. The fact that customers like Decathlon appreciate our efforts to be as sustainable as possible is grist to the mill for us. It therefore goes without saying that we gladly go the extra mile for them!

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