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Cleaning tools with added value

23 January 2024
WAAK schoonmaakgereedschap

WAAK's Plastic Assembly Department creates 'value-added plastics.' This means that by applying extra processing  to a plastic product, the product is endowed with additional functionalities and assets. A beautiful example of this are the private label cleaning tools produced by WAAK. From laser marking to powder coating and pad printing, WAAK has all the common techniques in-house to personalise 'blank' cleaning tools.

WAAK Plastic Assembly:  creating 'value added plastics'

As a social enterprise, WAAK focuses on four activities: industrial assembly (plastic, cable, and metal assembly), packing, mounting work, and on-site services, such as painting, cleaning, and grounds maintenance. Regarding the assembly of plastic injection-moulded parts, it is our goal to create ‘value-added plastics’. This means that by applying one or more processes to a plastic product, we add additional functionalities or assets to the basic properties of a product. These can be of aesthetic or functional nature, resulting in a product that is more durable, ergonomic, efficient, and visually appealing. In this way, we create added value, not only for the product itself but also for our customers who market the product. Our cleaning tools are the perfect reflection of this strategy.

Cleaning tools: From private label to extensive customisation

WAAK produces a wide range of private label cleaning tools, such as telescopic handles, reservoir handles, and the ALL-FIX storage holder. WAAK offers its customers the opportunity to customise and modify the ‘blank’ private label products, so that the customer can incorporate them into their product range. We can apply laser markings, provide in-mould logos, pad printing, adapt the product to the customer’s corporate colours, print labels of logos, etc. In terms of enhanced functional added value, WAAK can anodise or powder coat a product with a grip-enhancing non-slip coating. Such treatment enhances both the ergonomics and appearance of the product.

WAAK productie cleaning tools

Developing cleaning tools with a specific focus

Finally, we also offer our customers the option to further develop our existing cleaning tools. We can modify our existing products to the customer’s needs, i.e. the customer can add specific add-ons, such as a customer-specific handle. Our products can also be adapted to the customer's connection, making their products and accessories fully complementary to ours. Such customisation offers customers the opportunity to make ‘blank’ cleaning tools their own. In this way they can seamlessly integrate them into their own product range.

WAAK cleaning tools

Local production: certainty and peace of mind for the customer

Being a European manufacturer, WAAK Plastic Assembly has all commonly used plastic processing machines and technologies in-house. Whatever plastic processing the customer desires, there is a high chance that we can do it. As the production of the cleaning tools is local, and all the processes take place under the same roof, the delivery reliability for the customer is much greater. There are no multiple producers involved in the process, so the customer only has one single point of contact. Finally, the extensive software-based quality assurance – integrating multiple software-driven quality control points into the production process – is the icing on the cake for the customer. The customer is always assured of the desired quality and quantities.

WAAK private label schoonmaakgereedschappen

Focus on sustainability, circularity and carbon footprint

Being an SDG Champion, WAAK cares a lot about sustainability and circularity. Some products are already available in recycled plastic. We try to use (locally) recycled plastics as much as possible. By collaborating with a local supplier who uses circular raw materials, you reduce your carbon footprint, which has a positive impact on your company's carbon accounting.

WAAK productie cleaning tools

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